Is your Home Winter Ready?

Home Improvement

Is your home ready for the coming winter?


There are ways to have your home prepared for the cold weather ahead. This may seem like it will be costly, but it will save you money from unforeseen damage that can occur when your home is unprepared for the coming winter.


Prune your trees and get rid of any extra debris in your gutters and around your yard.

Check your plumbing and take care of any leaks right away.

Wrap any exposed plumbing with insulation to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Check your roof for any leaks and make sure it is in good condition for rainy weather or snow.

If you have an attic, make sure to insulate it to keep the warm air from escaping and having a higher light bill from the heater having to work harder.

If you have a fireplace, make sure it is cleaned and ready to go.

Make sure the weather stripping around your windows are still intact and replace any that are too old. This will help the home stay warm and cozy on those cold winter nights.

If you do not have a fireplace getting an electric fireplace is a beautiful an inexpensive way to heat the home. It also gives any room a beautiful focal point.

These tips will ensure that your home is ready for the colder weather.